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What a service center can expect

New location process

Once we have received your Service Center Agreement, W9, Insurance Binder and any background check authorizations and documents, if required, we will perform an initial assessment of your location. This assessment will provide us with a baseline for annual quality audits and be a large part of your Intoxalock service rating. During this process, we will also perform either electronic or on-site training for your installers and anyone required to handle customer or state paperwork. When your training is complete, we will notify your state. Some states must do their own inspection before you can start installing ignition interlock devices.

First call

When we take your location live, your next call from Intoxalock will probably be to schedule either an installation, removal or vehicle switch. The representative will work with you to schedule an appointment that is convenient for both you and the customer, and verify what the cost will be (per the terms of our agreement). During this conversation, they should also mention the vehicle year, make and model so you are aware of what you will be working on. If we will be shipping you equipment, we will also email you the tracking number. Equipment for appointments scheduled for the same day will be sent in a consolidated shipment and labeled individually for each customer.

Calibrations and lock outs

Because of the quick turnaround time (less than five minutes), we will not call you to schedule an appointment for customer calibrations, lock outs or hand held exchanges. We will however, send you an email notifying you of the incoming shipment. We do generally encourage our customers to contact you to let you know they are coming in.

Work orders

Unless you are performing a vehicle inspection, cord exchange or camera adjustment at our request (billable to US) it is CRITICAL that you never remove or exchange customer equipment without a work order from Intoxalock. To do so could take the customer, Intoxalock and yourselves out of compliance with state regulations. It does not matter what document a customer shows you, if their lawyer is with them or they have a badge, no equipment is to be removed or replaced without our approval. All paperwork authorizing or vetting these actions is handled by our compliance department. Occasionally, a work order may be lost in transit, inaccurate or missing. If that is the case, you will be able to print additional copies from the appointment details page when you log into your Intoxalock Service Center account.