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By checking the boxes below you are in agreement that your shop meets ALL of our requirements.

State & Intoxalock shop requirements:

State & Intoxalock installer requirements:
Installers & technicians have the training and skills necessary to install, troubleshoot and check for proper operation of the device and to screen the vehicle for acceptable conditions
Installers & technicians have the training, the 12-volt skills and tools necessary to ensure electrical connections are made in a workmanlike manner in accordance with accepted trade standards
Installers & technicians can pass background checks (They have no multiple DUI’s, no multiple alcohol related convictions and no multiple felony convictions)
Installers hold a current driver’s license in the same state the shop is located in
Installers & technicians will treat customers with the same respect afforded other customers
Installers & technicians will follow Intoxalock troubleshooting directions and will be willing to ask for assistance when needed